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SIEA - Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency


Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) carries the information service for the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, with special focus on innovations and energy sector. It gathers processes and disseminates information related to the increase of energy efficiency, using of renewable energy sources, combined heat and power and the development of innovation activities.


SIEA has been established by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic as a professional state subsidy organization which makes an important contribution in the achievement of governmental energy policy objectives, principally by promoting energy efficiency, new energy technologies and renewables. If we take a look to the past history it is clear, that commencement of SIEA activities can be dated much before its official establishment. Agency activities before 1989 were covered by Czechoslovak State Energy Inspection and after the split of the state in 1993 by Slovak Energy Inspection – Energy Agency. Both can be seen as competence centers for control of management with fuels and energy. They functioned as advisory bodies for the rationalization in the energy use and provided trainings for energy experts as well as consultations about efficient use of energy in different sectors of economy. Slovak Energy Agency (SEA) was separated from the State Energy Inspection in 1999. Conditions for this separation were created by the Act n. 70/1998 on energy, amending the Licensing Act. Decision of Minister of Economy n. 18/2007 changed the name of the organization on the current Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA). Innovations became an important part of SIEA focus and competences. Therefore it is clear that many of SIEA specialists have longlasting experience with analysis and professional consulting in the field of energy savings, utilization of renewable energy and development of innovations.


  • Collecting and assessment of innovation activities in Slovak republic and fulfilling state tasks with the aim to support innovations
  • Implementation of the Innovation Strategy of the Slovak Republic
  • Advice and information service regarding the establishment and functioning of clusters
  • Implementation agency for various support schemes aimed on the development of innovation activities
  • Independent professional authority in energy sector with activities in Slovakia and abroad
  • Implementation agency for EU Structural funds
  • Technical expertise authority for state administration in accordance with the energy legislation, ensuring the preparation and amendments of domestic energy legislation, implementation of EU directives, preparation of the draft of national energy policy, responsible for supporting programs for energy conservation and renewables
  • Education, training and testing of experts in energy sector (professional competence for energy auditors, inspection of boilers, air-conditioning systems etc.)
  • Providing free expert consultancy for households, investors, energy service companies and public sector in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • Active participation in international programs aimed at energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and support of innovation activities
  • Slovak information point for signatories of European Energy Charter
  • Operation of monitoring system for efficiency in energy use
  • Performance of energy audits and follow-up recommendations
  • Managment and information point for funds provided for Slovakia under international agreements and support mechanisms (subsidized programs, support programs for development of SMEs, etc.)
  • Providing consultations regarding the development of regional energy concepts and local sustainable energy action plans (SEAP) for Upper Territorial Units and Municipal authorities
  • SIEA organize or performs expert supervision at conferences, seminars and exhibitions dedicated to energy and innovation topics
  • Publications and dissemination of publications aimed to provide an energy-oriented public education and to mitigate environmental impacts caused by the use of energy


In fulfilling its tasks SIEA mainly cooperates with universities, research and development institutions, organizations operating in the area of technical standardization and testing, Ministries, Regulatory office for network industries, State energy inspection, Municipalities and Upper territorial districts, non-governmental organizations as well as energy agencies abroad (IEA, EnR, etc.). SIEA has a long-lasting experience in the implementation of international projects within various EU community programs (Intelligent energy – Europe, Central Europe Programme, INTERREG IVC, 7FP). Through those it is able to gain, share and disseminate best practicies in the field of innovations, energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy recovery from waste. SIEA’s headquarters is based in Bratislava and it is also represented by three regional branches in Trenčín, Banská Bystrica and Košice. From those, it is able to cover all Slovakian regions, to be easily available for general public needs.


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